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The Best Place To Write

Published 06/09/2012 by julierkendrick

Now you are following my blog you must be expecting great things and pearls of wisdom from me. After all I did promise to deliver these things. So after much thought I decided that before we start writing we need to think about where to write. After all it is important to be comfortable and inspired when creating your masterpiece.

If you are lucky you will have you own personal office space.

How nice. But the truth of the matter is that a lot of people start here.

Or even here.

And I bet we all dream of being able to write somewhere like this.

Anyway enough of the pictures, the real answer is that all of them are perfectly good places to write.  It is lovely to have your own office with all your pens and books stacked neatly on your desk. You can have some music playing in the background and if you are anything like me, I have to surround myself with beautiful smells, so candles and incense are a must.

But I am also perfectly happy writing in my bed. If my husband brings me a nice cup of coffee and my computer I can be quite content tapping away in my pjs. It means that any great ideas I have had in the night or dreamt about can be quickly put on paper (or screen), plus I don’t feel so guilty because if I get up I will invariably see a million jobs that need doing and I tend to put my writing last. But that is another post (procrastination).

You may think that it would be impossible to write anything coherent in a place like a coffee shop or mall, but I know many authors who love the hustle and bustle of ‘real life’ and it is that which focuses their minds (personally my mind would wander off to the nearest shop, but that’s the procrastination post again).

Somewhere public is also a fantastic way of building up a stock of characters to use for future writing projects. People watching is a great past-time even when you are not a writer but look at the wealth of material you can use. Peoples appearance, their gait, their voices and mannerisms can all be used in your writing.  If you are in a coffee shop you can discreetly listen into conversations and write down any nuggets you hear.  People are very funny and I have used sayings and quotes that I have heard to great effect in my stories.

So, I think what I am saying is that it doesn’t matter where you write, just write. Make sure you have a note-book with you at all times because you never know when the perfect person or idea will come into your life and you have to write it down.

Right, I suppose I’d better change out of my pjs now.  See you soon.

Julie 🙂