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Book Review – Unseen – Karin Slaughter

Published 30/07/2013 by julierkendrick

unseenThis is not the first book in the series and it was evident right from the start. The book presumes that you already know the characters, which you would do if you had read what goes before, but if not then it is a difficult book to follow.

When I have read series before and inadvertently started on the second or third book I have found that I can quite easily pick it up as the author will gently recap some of the salient issues. However Slaughter didn’t do that so I was making up my own back-story as I read. The trouble with this was that I didn’t really get to know the characters and therefore didn’t care what happened to them.
I never really got into the book so after about 70 pages I gave up and didn’t finish.

Book Review – Murder by the Book – Eric Brown

Published 04/07/2013 by julierkendrick

Murder by the bookI enjoyed every minute of reading this book. I loved the authenticity of the 1950’s as written by Brown. I am not old enough to have lived at that time but I really felt I was there with Langham et al. The story was a true old fashioned whodunit which kept me guessing until the end.

Brown’s style of writing is very easy to read, his characters are well rounded as are the locations he describes. Once again I praise him for transporting back to a time before mobile phones, internet and women’s lib.

The chaste relationship between Langham and Dupre is beautiful and a welcome change from the modern descriptions of love and sex (especially in the wave of the erotica movement sweeping the world at the moment).

I absolutely loved this book. I hope there will be more Langham/Dupre books to come because I for one will definitely be buying them.

5/5 stars