About Julie

I am a very good liar which as a kid meant I got away with quite a bit. However as an adult I realised that lying doesn’t actually get you very far, so I decided to change my lies into tales. I started writing simple stories just for myself and then when I had my sons (4 in all) I made up stories for them at bedtime. I made sure I always left on a cliffhanger so that when they protested about bedtime the following day I only had to tease them with the next installment and in they’d jump.

About 10 years ago I started a writing course but lost confidence half way through and didn’t finish. This year I started the course again and just at the right time I met the lovely Nicky Peacock who is the founder member of my writing group, Creative Minds. She has given me the encouragement and support I needed to write seriously and even to send a few things off to publishers. I have had 8 of my stories accepted for anthologies so far and there are plenty more to come.  I am also well on track in my course. The only advice I can give is what was given to me. Write, write write. Even when you don’t feel like writing. You are just honing your craft. So if you read the above you’ll see I haven’t done bad for a liar, or I could just be making it all up.

8 comments on “About Julie

  • Hello there! Good to meet you today, thanks for a great chat and see you at the next meeting!

    Best wishes

  • I LOVE this … and I’m so glad I found you (or did you find me?) I’ve got 2 -3 books in me and several stories I want to write and like, I can’t find the time to write them. It’s so great to see another mom who can figure out this whole writing schedule thing. I’m on board for your journey so I find my own inspiration.

    • Hi there. If you want it enough, which I am sure you do, you will succeed. I am looking forward to reading your masterpiece and in the meantime your blog posts Julie 🙂

      • Thanks! I just re-read my post to you and I can see that I must have been thinking/writing at the same time. Sorry about that …. I don’t normally write like that. Think I was just excited to meet another busy mom but one who has seen success in writing.
        Thanks so much — and I LOVE your photo 🙂

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