Happy New Year

Published 01/01/2013 by julierkendrick

Not an original title I grant you but the sincerity is real.

I have read a number of posts on Twitter and Facebook wondering what resolutions people are making. Resolutions have always baffled me somewhat. I find it strange that just because the number on the end of the year has changed that people have to decide to change something about their lives too. Why not do it on Christmas Day or your birthday. I think it is an arbitrary day where hungover people can make excuses for past behaviours.

“What a cynic” I hear you cry. You may be right but I very rarely, if ever hear of a positive resolution. i.e. I am going to keep doing…… rather than I am going to stop doing…….

So here is mine. This year I am going to resolve to keep making no resolutions whatsoever. It’s one I’ve stuck to every year so far.

What are yours?

Julie 🙂


2 comments on “Happy New Year

  • Happy New Year Jules. My NY resolution is to lose weight so I can fit into the other three quarters of my wardrobe!! But that’s an every year resolution, so no change for me. Just hope I can do it!!! Xxx

  • I think the tradition is to do with new starts than focusing on failings. A new year signifies a point in time where something is starting afresh. I have started setting goals for the year ahead rather than impossible resolutions I won’t stick to. It’s the not sticking to that makes me understand why people don’t do it. Whatever happens, I hope 2013 is a good year for you.

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