Publishers Hate Authors

Published 14/11/2012 by julierkendrick

I have just come across another very interesting article, this time from the publishers point of view. As authors we like to think that we are respected by publishers who, after all, we are doing our best to impress. But are we?

This article talks about some of the problems publishers encounter whilst dealing with the like of ‘us’. Let’s just hope none of ‘us’ are really like this.

Read the article here.

6 comments on “Publishers Hate Authors

  • I think some of the blame for these problems can be laid on agents. One of my friends finally sold a book after 15 yrs of failed attempts – after finding an agent who helped her rewrite the manuscript. This author subsequently won an award from RWA, and was offered a contract for three more books, which her agent urged her to take. However, my friend has a full time job aside from writing, and when you consider that she needed 15 yrs to produce one book…well, is it reasonable to expect this particular writer to turn out 3 more books within the next 12 months?

    Yes, I believe my friend was a fool to sign those contracts, but the agent assured her it was necessary to advance as a writer, and that she’d have help from the agent. It’s been 2 years, and the first contracted book has yet to see publication. I don’t think my friend would have signed these contracts without the pressure from her agent. And this is the kind of thing that gives the rest of us a bad name.

    • Wow that’s really interesting. I had no idea that an agent would be that silly. Surely if your friend fails to deliver then that will automatically reflect badly upon the agent, not only to your friend but the the publishers with whom he/she has been dealing.
      I wish your friend all the best and thank you for your comment Kaye.
      Julie 🙂

  • Interesting post, although I disagree. I think most authors push themselves incredibly hard to meet deadlines and work with their publisher on marketing to ensure their work sells. Just my opinion. It’s a wonderful job, but certainly not an easy one.

    • Hi Jane,
      Yes I completely agree with you, I just thought it was such an interesting article to say that publisher hate authors that I wanted to see what everyone else’s opinion on it was. I am sure that I don’t know any author that would be so unreliable as we all want our work published. Playing devil’s advocate can be quite provocative 😉
      Julie x

  • Whilst what he says is true about some authors (and it’s a very, very small percentage), I think the worst thing revealed about this article is how much of an idiot the man who wrote it is. According to his bio, he’s “created more successful books than any human being in history” – I’d love to see the stats for that.

    So long as you produce work when you say you will, you can’t do anything else.

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