Published 07/11/2012 by julierkendrick

My thoughts exactly on the addiction of blogging. Who else is adicted and does it cause you problems?

Lantern Post

Is there such a thing as addiction to blogging? I am starting to think that there might be. If so what are the signs?

There are probably serious people who already have, or are going to as we speak, conduct a serious research into the matter, but from a newbie blogger’s perspective, it seems to me that the presence of the following signs might suggest that one has become seriously addicted to one’s blog -:)!

When unable to access one’s blog for a couple of days one is unable to sleep from worrying that:

  • Any comments and likes that might eventuate have not been attended to,
  • There has been some unidentified global IT disaster and all the posts have vanished,
  • Fellow bloggers have posted most amazing content and one has missed it,
  • All the original ideas that present themselves between 2 and 3 am will disappear before one can access one’s…

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