Learning to write by reading

Published 11/10/2012 by julierkendrick

I would say that all writers (and I would be surprised if anyone disagrees) are avid readers. One of the ways you start to understand your love of writing is from reading the things you love to read, whether that be novels, stories, newspaper or anything else with writing on.

Stephen King has a lot to answer for. In a good way. Not only has he written many many fabulously thrilling books but he has also penned a book on how he does it “On Writing” is definitely on my bucket list to read, I mean who wouldn’t want a peep into the mind of the horror master.

Anyway I found this very interesting article where Damien Echols tells us how reading Mr King taught him to write.

Have a read and feel free to comment below.

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6 comments on “Learning to write by reading

  • Mark, I went into Waterstones to order the Richard Laymon book but it wasn’t on the system, in fact they couldn’t find any record of it at all. Where did you get it?
    J πŸ™‚

    • It’s a small press book, Julie and I just checked it on Amazon and discovered it’s selling for Β£220 – must remember to keep hold of my copy! Not that I would ever condone it, but it’s also on something called scribd (which I’d never heard of) as a PDF.

      Try this link on Google – richard laymon writer’s tale

  • A fantastic book and well worth a read, part memoir, part how-to. Also worth getting hold of is Richard Laymon’s “A Writers Tale”.

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