A grey area

Published 03/10/2012 by julierkendrick

Well I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it forever as much as I tried.

Yep, I was never going to be able to write this blog without at least one reference to the phenomena known at the 50 Shades trilogy. I have had many a discussion with my friends of the merits (or lack thereof) of these books and they all know exactly how I feel about them.

When working in the bookshop we had to stock hundreds and hundreds of copies and I felt embarrassed having to sell them. No, not because I am a prude, far from it. I was embarrassed that a bookshop of the calibre of Waterstones had to sell this tripe. My manager, quite rightly said, “Just think of all the money we are making.” But I cringed every time I sold them.  It got to the point where women would come into the shop looking curious and before they had a chance to say a thing I would just point to the shelves where Mr Grey lived and watched them dribble their way over.

I find it incredible that a book promoting sexual abuse of a vulnerable (but dim) girl in the name of ‘lurve’ is acceptable, nay craved. I can only console myself with the fact that maybe the majority of people who read it just didn’t get it.

Anyway, I don’t want to alienate all my blog readers so I’ll shut up now, but maybe you can have a read of this article on a signing E L James did in California. It amused me.

See ya soon

Julie 😉

3 comments on “A grey area

  • I may be one of the few women that has NOT read this book. I’m quite content in my sex-life (thank you VERY much) and I didn’t think I needed something like a sex-manual as its portrayed by the others. NOW I get it …. and that’s just sad that everyone’s going crazy over something that’s offensive to women.

  • I know exactly. It infuriates me. I have had friends say “Well it’s escapism”. Mmm my escapism fantasies involve lying on a beach with Johnny Depp, not getting beaten by a mad billionaire. But hey, call me old fashioned 😉

  • I have been amazed by friends who have read it and can’t see the abuse that is occurring. I haven’t read it but have been informed of some of the things Mr Grey makes the girl do. Sign a contract? Yes, but she didn’t sign it! Wow, strong girl. Anyone in their right mind should be straight out the door.

    My objection to the book is purely based on this factor you have mentioned. Sensible women can’t see abuse because its being sold as love and care. A dangerous thing.

    Rant over 🙂

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